5 minute snippet – accounts time!

I have been thinking about writing this blog and how much time I have realistically to devote to it right now, and a colleague came up with a great idea…. only write for 5 minutes…I’m not sure if I can stick to that but here goes….

As well as being a self employed counsellor and life coach I have spent the last 4 years running my husbands building business, I enjoyed the challenge and it used my more logical and ordered side of my brain which always needs a bit of exercise. That said however, we closed the business in December last year and it has taken me until this week to open the accounts to actually do the tax return, dot the i’s and cross the t’s and finally get it put to bed!

Now, in a way I was grateful for the break, it has given me more time to develop my own services including my own brand new business venture Counselling4Carers, and redesign and update my website www.ruthhubbard.co.uk and most recently design an assertiveness awareness course but, now looking at the size of this accounting role as I stand here knee deep in boxes of invoices, bank statements and CIS and VAT paperwork, I ask myself 2 questions, firstly why on earth did I leave it this long, and secondly and probably more importantly why the hell didn’t I hire an accountant!

In these moments I always remind myself to love your life, we only get one, find the beauty and experience joy in everything you do, even when you are knee deep in accounts!

love accounts

there ya go, times up 🙂

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